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 Review: by Steve Stav

 "The Fabulous Wailers & The Ventures - 50th
 Anniversary Concert Seattle, WA April 10, 2009"

 A group of young men from Tacoma started to play music  after school, and before they knew it, performed on the  American Bandstand in Philadelphia. After extracting the  R & B elements from the early rock they heard on the  radio, the Fabulous Wailers added an original, slightly  muddy seasoning. Some would later call this "garage  rock" or the "The Northwest Sound," a sonic signature
 that could still be heard decades later among the rosters  of Sub Pop and other indie labels. The Wailers' dominance  of the local club scene at the turn of the '60s was so  overwhelming, it inspired a legion of other young
 musicians -- including Jimi Hendrix -- to attempt to do  likewise. The Fabulous Wailers' story is indeed the stuff of  big screen bios -- but their tale has inexplicably never
 been filmed.
50th aniversary
               The Wailers                photo by Steve Stav

 Across town, a couple of masonry workers learned to play  pawnshop guitars after the the 5 o'clock whistle blew.  Soon, they diagrammed the future of guitar bands with  "Walk, Don't Run." With a great deal of motivation, a bit of  luck, some help from a business-savvy mother and the  addition of two veteran musicians, the Ventures conquered  the world in six short years. In doing so, the students-  turned-masters literally taught at least one generation of  guitarists how to play.
 Roughly 50 years later, the two groups met on neutral  ground -- Seattle's historic Moore Theater -- for what  decades ago might have been a battle of the bands.
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New CD, Rooster Rock

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 Rockin' roots music (a mixture of what made
 rock n' roll) All scratched into a rockin sound.
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One of the most dominating forces in the 60s Northwest
music scene, The Wailers, an American rock band from
Tacoma, Washington, formed around 1958. They are
often considered the first garage rock group. They perform
a hybrid of saxophone-driven R&B and good old Chuck
Berry rock and roll.

Five 45's (four released in 1959, including "Tall Cool One" and one in 1960) & an LP release, The Fabulous Wailers
(released December 1959 on Golden Crest Records), put the Wailers on the national scene. Their 1961 cover of "Louie Louie", which they recorded as a backing band for singer Rockin' Roberts, was the first to use the trademark 1-2-3, 1-2, 1-2-3 riff.

Their version inspired other groups from the Seattle area, most notably the Kingsmen of Portland, Oregon, to record the same song. The Wailers' influence established the
Pacific Northwest area as a center for musical innovation and the home of a long string of regional favorites playing
a kind of raunchy, amateur, yet passionate, form of rock and roll.

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  The Fabulous Wailers were recently interviewed
  by the Washington State Public Affairs Network
  about the history of the Wailers.
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     Two Car Garage is an historic cd with music from Don   Wilson and the Ventures and The Fabulous Wailers.   Both bands began in the late 1950's as garage bands in   Tacoma, Washington. Collectively the influence of their   ground breaking music has been felt in almost every
  genre of music for over five decades.
    Although the song list may look familiar ("Surf Rider"   was featured in Pulp Fiction and "Louie Louie" is one of   the most covered songs in the world ) you have never   heard any of these songs quite like this.
     Two Car Garage features seven songs by the Ventures   (including a saxophone for the first time on many of their   tracks), seven songs by the Wailers and four songs   featuring members of both groups. These tracks have the   vocals of not only Don Wilson of the Ventures, but also   those of the Wailers' Kent Morrill.
     The bands are together for the first time, fifty years in   the making, at long last Two Car Garage is a reality.
     Be you a long time fan of the Ventures or the Wailers
  or just a fan of good music, this fifty year celebration of   these two legendary bands belongs in your collection.

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Two Car Garage.

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